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About Me

Hello, I’m Gelyn Pescuela, a dedicated SEO Specialist based in the Philippines. With two years of experience in Digital Marketing, I have honed my skills in optimizing websites to achieve higher search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing overall online visibility.


Let’s work together to achieve your SEO goals. 

Top-Tier SEO Services Offered as an SEO Expert in the Philippines

Discover a range of specialized SEO services designed to enhance your online presence and drive organic traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

As an SEO Specialist in the Philippines, keyword research is an important aspect of my expertise. In this part I will identify keywords to optimized your website and used this keyword throughout the content naturally. I do this to understand the volume searches, the competition level for ranking and to know the intent behind the searches.

Website Audit

I'll have an audit of your website to know its effectiveness in Search Engine Optimization. With my dedication of being an SEO Expert here in Philippines, I guarantee that I can provide the best audit and in this part, I'll align it with best practices using different kind of tools like Screaming frog and Ahrefs.

SEO Optimization

With both expert on On-page Optimization and off-page Optimization, I'll improve your website content , user experience and increase your search rankings. Both on-page and off-page SEO is an important part in working to strengthen search engine results, which then drives organic traffic and enhancing user engagement.

SEO Copywriting Services

With an experience of two years in writing, I also write SEO focused content that inform, persuade and entertain, making sure each word serves a purpose. I'll structure the content for readability, using persuasive calls-to-action to drive user behavior, and maintaining the balance between optimization for search engines.

SEO Strategy Service

In this part, I identify the different strategies by interviewing clients to know their objectives and identify initial areas for improvement. I'll start with an in-depth analysis of the website's current performance, competitor comparison, and understanding the target audience's search behavior. Based on these insights, I'll make a tailored strategy.

Local SEO Service

This is the part where I provide help in SEO to drive more traffic and increase website online visibility to the local Audience effectively. As a Filipino SEO consultant I specialize in providing Local SEO services designed to enhance the online visibility of businesses within the Philippines, ensuring they rank prominently in local search results.

Tools I used


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Why Work with Me?

As an SEO Consultant in the Philippines, I bring a unique blend of expertise, experience, and dedication to every project. Here’s the reason why you should choose  me:

Proven Expertise

With two years of hands-on experience as an expert SEO Specialist, I have a deep understanding of SEO best practices and strategies that deliver results.

Customized Solutions

I offer unique SEO strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring optimal performance and growth.

Data-Driven Results

My strategies are based on thorough analysis and the latest industry trends, ensuring that your website stays ahead of the competition.

Local Understanding

As an SEO Specialist based in the Philippines, I have a unique insight into the local market, allowing me to make strategies that aligned with your target audience.

My Journey

Based in Philippines, my journey into SEO and content writing began in 2021, driven by a my interest with how search engines rank content and a natural talent for writing. Since then, I used my expertise to enhance online visibility and engage target audiences for various clients and projects.
SEO Specialist
Gelyn Pescuela

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For consultations, project inquiries, or even a simple ‘hello’, reach out to me at pescuelagelyn03@gmail.com